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Do you suffer from these common symptoms of hormone imbalance?"
  • Fatigue
  • ​Difficulty Losing Weight
  • ​Depression
  • ​Hot Flashes
  • ​Night Sweats
  • ​Mood Swings
  • ​PMS
  • ​Menopause Symptoms
  • ​Thyroid Issues
How To Get Your Life and Vitality Back With Hormone Replacement
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What You Will Learn From This Book:
Secret #1: Why Your Doctor Says Your Bloodwork Looks Normal But You Don't Feel Normal
Many people have had blood tests from their primary care physician and are told that everything is in the normal range. However, you know there is something wrong.  You are not crazy.  This book will reveal why this happens. 
Secret #2: How To Eliminate These Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance
- Hot Flashes
- Moodiness
- Depression
- Weight Gain
- Low Libido
- Fatigue
- And more...
Secret #3: Free Hormone Test You Can Do Yourself
We will give you access to an online test you can take to evaluate your own hormone symptoms and it will calculate and report back what hormones you might be out of balance in. This is a great place to start and is very eye opening.
Ricky Brandon
Founder of Hormone Balance CEnters
About The Author:
Ricky Brandon is the founder Hormone Balance Centers and a respected leader in the movement to help people feel great again by balancing their hormones.

From 1991 - 1993 he lived in Korea where he served as a missionary. It was in Korea that he began becoming interested in what is called “hanyak.” Hanyak is a type of traditional Korean medicine that uses herbal and folk remedies to treat illnesses. 

Upon returning to America Ricky came to Utah to visit one of the Missionaries he was in Korea with and met his father Robert. They hit it off and became close friends. Robert eventually purchased a company named “Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas. Dr. Christopher is one of the first well known American Herbalists who developed over 50 herbal formulas still used worldwide, and he founded The School of Natural Healing.

Ricky connected deeply with the Christopher philosophies of healing and particularly loved a quote from Dr. Christopher when he declared, “I want to be the kind of doctor that heals people without cutting them.”

Ricky began working for Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas. He was tasked with bridging the gap to get the younger generations more interested in herbal and natural remedies. With education, product name changes and making the formulas more relevant, his foundational work set the stage for decades of continued growth. 

While working in the Herbal supplement industry, Ricky met Dr. Robert Jones who became his next mentor. Dr. Jones was one of the very first Doctors to offer bio-identical hormones in Utah many years ago. Ricky worked side by side with Dr. Jones to help build that original hormone clinic. Dr. Jones later sold his practice and retired. 

After seeing how many lives were changed over the years, Ricky began studying with Dr. Jones’ Mentor Dr. Neal Rouzier and he began more continuing education. 

Ricky is now married to his wife Candy Brandon who is a Molecular Biologist. They have 4 children and together they are passionate about helping people feel great again by balancing their hormones and helping them live a wellness lifestyle. They are the founders of Hormone Balance Centers and have a vision to create a higher level of care and teach other practitioners to open similar clinics around the country. 

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